AD&M classes are now HYBRID

Now that Santa Barbara County has reopened, in-studio classes have resumed at full capacity. Classes marked HYBRID can be attended IN STUDIO or VIRTUALLY on Zoom. Classes marked VIRTUAL are still only available through Zoom. Masks are required for studio attendance for all students who are not fully vaccinated. Check this site periodically for updates.

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Embodyment Classes at The Dance Hub

We are pleased that ken gilbert | Embodyment is offering classes at The Dance Hub.

For more information, contact Ken Gilbert at (805) 452-7164 or

From the ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT website:

ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT

Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement

Living in a body is a personal journey of Body Awareness, Mind Fullness, and Expressivity – the body and brain working together stimulating the expression of self into the world.

ken gilbert| EMBODYMENT is a multi-dimensional approach to integrating a person’s Body | Mind | Emotion | Spirit through the practice of body-centered movement that evokes and provokes a healthy body/brain and brain/body practice and everyday lifestyle.

To be healthy in Body | Mind is to move the body in a holistic way that stimulates the nervous system through the body/brain and brain/body relationships. Movement stimulates neuro-plasticity, physical mobility and reaction/response agility of Body Awareness and Mindfulness. When these aspects of our movement are integrated we begin to embody a uniquely personal Expressivity. We move the whole body, excite thoughts and imagination, emotions and a sense of confidence.

ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT is a process and methodology evolved from body-centered movement practices; the Nia Technique, “Integrating Pilates” and Creative integration of thoughts, feelings and action.

Find out more at

Embodyment Classes

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.
— Martha Graham