An Interview with Susan Alexander

About the Interview

Susan Alexander moved to Santa Barbara in 2008 after having lived in France for over 20 years, teaching Modern Dance for the Paris Opera Ballet for 23 years, and at the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance for 18 years. Prior to living in Paris, she taught at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio in New York, and choreographed and produced her own work during the 7 years she lived there. Having grown up in Southern California, Susan graduated from UCSB with degrees in Dance and English and from Mills College with an M.A. in Dance. She has been a guest instructor for many professional companies and schools both in Europe and the US, and returns to France twice a year as a guest teacher at various schools and institutions there. In this interview, she recounts her past accomplishments and influences. She also talks about her teaching style and how she manages to keep doing it over the years.

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The Interview:

Carrie Diamond, director of The Dance Hub, interviews Susan Alexander about her life before and at The Dance Hub.

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This dance would last for no more than eight minutes, but at the end it felt like I had said something complete. The thought is not mine, but it was entrusted to me for the evening, and in all my bareness I said it, silently, under a spotlight.
— Ellen O’Connell Whittet , former Ballet Santa Barbara Dancer